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About us

We produce 100% American Made Biodiesel Fuel. Sold only in America. We are a proud family owned and operated company.


We are proud producer of a renewable energy product. Helping the environment and reducing the carbon footprint.


biodiesel producers for over a decade

enzymatic process.

New technology using enzymes to produce biodiesel fuel

American Biodiesel Energy Inc. produces biodiesel from 100% waste oil feedstock utilizing new cutting edge technology enzymatic system.The fuel will be 100% American made helping keep and make jobs in the Erie area, helping US independence from foreign oil supply and making renewable energy to save a current depleting source of fossil fuel. American Biodiesel Energy Inc. strives to create a renewable energy product that reduces the carbon footprint in the atmosphere tremendously, saving the enviroment.  Markets include on-road, off-road, and home heating oil.

100% American made Biodiesel

The Esterification experts!


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